About Jazmin


Jazmin, when not teaching or practicing yoga, is also a surfer, former circus acrobat, and artist. Thanks to her mother, who insisted she do yoga, Jazmin is a yogini of many years. Her early introduction to yoga as a young child has taught her the importance of caring for the body and cultivating an open, clear mind. Jazmin’s curiosity and wonder about the body-mind connection keeps her coming back to her mat and her students with new perspective and an evolving appreciation for the magic of life and the exquisite human experience.

Jazmin studied and completed her initial 200-hour teacher training with master teachers, Ganga White and Tracy Rich. More recently, she completed her 300-hour advanced teacher training in New York City with world-renowned master teachers, Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee. Jazmin considers Rodney and Colleen her primary teachers and has studied with them since she was a teenager. Jazmin's understanding of yoga, meditation, the human body, and well-being is extensive, heartfelt, and holistic . Her committed exploration of what it means to live a wholesome, fulfilling life continues to deepen, be refined, fold and unfold alongside her students.

Jazmin's classes inspire strength, flexibility, inquiry, laughter, and ease. Balanced between alignment and flow, insight and curiosity, Jazmin’s thoughtfully sequenced classes are a vessel to explore inner peace, deep listening, compassion, and, ultimately, love.

Jazmin teaches public studio and private classes. You can visit Jazmin teaching in sunny California at Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara, and at UCSB in the Rec Classes. Or contact her to book a private session! For a full schedule of classes go to the schedule tab. Check out her yoga life by the sea on instagram @jazminmentyoga